Get NCCER Tested – Now Offered After Hours & Weekends…


For over 12 years we’ve been helping train underserved communities in the Golden Triangle for an industrial career. (You may even have one of our GTEC graduates in your company.)

Recently, several of our Partner Companies have reached out to us because they needed help certifying and re-certifying their Craft Journeyman faster with a more flexible testing schedule. After all, most workers have difficulty making it to a testing center in regular business hours.

We're happy to report that for the last 5 months we have been able to meet that need and we are now extending that service to more contractors.

We have now opened our approved NCCER Accredited Testing Center to provide over 80 different knowledge-based assessments on a fully flexible schedule including days, nights and weekends.

What is an Assessment?

The National Craft Assessment and Certification process (NCACP) was developed for the construction and maintenance industries to evaluate the quality of an individual’s ability in specifics tasks and trades. DWA offers over 80 different NCCER assessments in Port Arthur. All assessments are based upon NCCER’s curricula and have been developed with guidance of Subject Matter Experts (SME). Assessments:

  • Evaluate  knowledge & skills of experienced craft technicians & workforce productivity

  • Achieve higher quality construction with increased cost-effectiveness

  • Provide a training prescription to guide future professional development & maximize training dollars

When you successfully complete testing, we use the NCCER’s Registry System to record your completions and you are issued the appropriate credentials. It is these portable, industry-recognized credentials that many industry leaders look for when making employment decisions.

Cancellation Policy

To receive a full refund for a paid assessment, you must cancel your registration 24 hours or more before the assessment start time. NO Refunds will not be granted for registration cancellations placed less than 24 hours before the assessment start time.

Assessments that are cancelled and/or rescheduled by us will be refunded in full, regardless of the timeframe. Inclement weather does not necessarily cancel an assessment;  We will contact you if the assessment has been cancelled.

Our Success Stories