Bechtel Subsidiary Becon Construction Endorses DWA’s Pre Apprenticeship Program for Industrial Jobs

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Bob Deatherage, Vice President of Beacon Constructions recently shared his endorsement of GTEC and DWA’s pre apprenticeship program to help local underserved communities get hired for industrial jobs with no experience.

He stated, “Beacon has been working with GTEC since they began their effort to positively impact the underemployed, disengaged workforce in the area. During this time we have hired more than 65 of their graduates for employment with our craft construction workforce engaged in building the Motiva Crude Expansion Project.

Our experience with these graduates proves that they are unquestionably better prepared to enter the workforce than similarly situated job applicants who enter our hiring offer doors, and they in fact have a better retention rate on the job than other similarly situated employees in our workforce pool. Based on our experience with GTEC, we believe that GTEC is achieving the goal of helping disengaged people get the necessary work skills to become successful workers in the industrial construction activity taking place in the area.

We continue to endorse GTEC’s mission and look forward to working with them over the coming years.”

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