“GTEC is Family,” proclaims Harvey Survivor and Pre ApprenticeshipGraduate

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Graduate Billy Garlington shared with us his experience of getting a plant job with no experience through GTEC’s pre apprenticeship program.

“My whole life, the whole 50 years of it, doing service and traveling, doing jobs and everything, I always end up back in Texas. Harvey was bad because it flooded a lot. A lot of people lost more than just their homes – they lost family members and pets. 

With Digital Workforce Academy, I have a plan. They not only help you better your education, they also give you a better outlook on life. They also give me opportunities to go out to different jobs where I never would’ve gone before. 

We’ve learned communication skills, different skills on how to use tools properly. I got my forklift, area lift and I do have my rough terrain and construction lift certificate since I’ve been here. I worked on the field on the fork lifts and different things but I never knew what the going gets … Digital Workforce showed me the way.  

There’s nothing like neighbors working together. You can always turn to each other when there is a need.  This here came at the right time, the perfect time – that’s family.”

If you know someone who could benefit from this free pre apprenticeship training for a plant job apprenticeship, please tell them to apply at https://gtec-triangle.org/apply

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