How the Pre Apprenticeship Program Works for Job Seekers

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Welcome Job Seeker! This is a brief introduction on how our pre apprenticeship program for local hires for manufacturing jobs with no experience works from your side.

We train individuals with no experience to get industrial apprenticeships from underserved communities in Beaumont & Port Arthur & Orange and other locations world-wide, then help them start their careers in the industrial industries. 

They are certified in NCCER Core and OSHA10 (upon selection) as well as Motorized Equipment training and more. Historically, 70% of our graduates are placed within 2 weeks of graduation, making $17-22 an hour or more.

We do this in 6 Steps:

  1. APPLY: Prospective students submit their application to see if they qualify for our pre apprentice programs at (Takes 5 min)
  2. CONNECT: We reach out to you to discuss your application and when your classes would start (Takes 15 min)
  3. REGISTER: You’ll come in and register for your classes and TABE (Takes 1 hour)
  4. TRAIN: We’ll train you in our pre apprenticeship program in 10 weeks of night classes
  5. INTERVIEW: Upon successful completion, we’ll match you to our partners for job interviews
  6. ONBOARD & HIRE: You’ll accept onboarding into a union apprenticeship or non-union apprenticeship and hire at the end of your industry apprenticeship

If you know someone who could benefit from this free pre apprenticeship training for a industry job apprenticeship, please tell them to apply at

If you are an Employer and would like to see if our pre apprenticeship program can be tailored for your needs, please contact us at 1-409-982-0522 or

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