Single Mom of 5 Graduates Pre Apprenticeship

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Graduate Shamika Mishaw shared with us her experience of getting a manufacturing job with no experience through GTEC’s pre apprenticeship program.

“The Golden Triangle Empowerment Center (GTEC) is the best!

I always want to better myself. I told my kids, Mama’s going to check this out.” I went and asked the guy, “Is this free?” And he was like, “Yes, it’s free. Free training, you’ll learn different skills and we’ll put you to work!”

What more could you ask for? Free transportation! If you have a problem, they are here to listen; they are here to help you. I am a single mother with 5 children and I know that $15 an hour wasn’t going to get it.

This program changed my quality of life.

My son asked, “Do we have to eat off the dollar menu?” I said, “No, you can get whatever you want!” And that made me feel so proud. We didn’t have to live in an apartment. My kids can go outside, play and do what they want to do.

I knew my quality of life had to change, and this was my start!

I got a letter in the mail saying, “Congratulations! You no longer need Beaumont Housing assistance.”

The opportunities that are out there – that are blessings! Southeast Texas will not be unemployed because those programs will train you. Not just GTEC, there are other training programs like welding schools. We are going to grow in Southeast Texas because it starts right here.

I would recommend this GTEC school to anyone. It’s a start, it’s a blessing, and they’re here to help you. If you want to better yourself, go to GTEC. This is the place to be.”

If you know someone who could benefit from this free pre apprenticeship training for a manufacturing job apprenticeship, please tell them to apply at

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