“This is the best thing to happen to the area in a long time.” says Pre Apprenticeship Graduate

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Graduate Anthony Noble shared with us their experience of getting an oil and gas job with no experience through GTEC’s pre apprenticeship program.

“Before Harvey, it wasn’t as hard. It was just bad. The water hit me to my chest. We lost the house. A lot of things changed, jobs became harder and just life. 

Digital Workforce Academy will put you straight to work.  It’s a short class – 10 weeks, it’s free and they help you. 

It’s imperative that we get these skills being that we are working in the area where there are a lot of jobs out there for us to get. We just need the knowledge to get these positions. This is the best thing to happen to this area for a long time.”

If you know someone who could benefit from this free pre apprenticeship training for an oil and gas job apprenticeship, please tell them to apply at https://gtec-triangle.org/apply

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