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Since 1999, DWA has trained pre-apprentices for local content requirements in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, Austin as well as West Africa, South America and then helped them start their careers in the industrial industries.

Our approach is to increase the capacity of local skilled workers who can enter the construction and other trades in entry level positions and grow their skills in a registered apprenticeship program.

We work with our partners to customize training in their industry to meet their particular labor force needs.

Our Partners benefit by getting a pre-trained and vetted workforce, saving them over $12,500 per new hire and helping fill their abatements or contractor local goals.

Together with our Partners, we help strengthen our local communities, one family at a time!

Locations We Serve

We work with our partners to customize training in their industry to meet their particular labor force needs both domestic and international. We partner with you to train locally, what you need, where you need us!

What We Train

We work with our partners to understand their challenges then train hires with a program tailored to address their needs, like those below.

We train on a customized curriculum for over 70 crafts and trades for the clients needs, whether from pipeline training to registered apprenticeship programs or more.

DWA has provided comprehensive, two-phase learning experiences that prepares individuals to succeed in the construction trade industry. They are certified in NCCER Core and OSHA10 (upon selection) as well as Motorized Equipment training and more.

All instructors are certified in their industry craft areas and all have worked in the construction industry a minimum of ten years. They are respected members of their companies and serve as general foremen and in senior level supervisor positions. GTEC provides industry job developers to work with students to help them transition to an employer.

Our Industries & Programs


Industry is actively diversifying its traditionally white-male workforce:

  • We fully train those 18+ years old in local, underserved, English speaking communities, including single parents, aged out foster kids and those on unemployment and more.
  • Only 2% were women in 2021, but initiatives targeting high schoolers, career changers, and veterans are in place to change this.
  • Our partner employers have spots that they must fill from our local communities in order to keep certain standings and tailor our trainings to help you to fill those positions asap. (See Phases 1 & 2 Industrial below for more information on the training.)

Solar or Electrical

The demand for skilled electricians is skyrocketing as the US gears up for a greener future:

  • With over 73,000 job openings expected annually over the next decade, electricians are becoming pivotal in the energy transition.
  • With $400 billion dollars in grants going out to train underserved, local communities in emerging technologies to replace our dependency on fossil fuels, we provide job readiness skills, essential math skills, and a customized NCCER lecture and hands on curriculum.
  • Train now for the skills to enter an electrician helper job with solar certification option. You’ll be ready to enter an electrical career or solar career. (See Phases 1 & 2 Electrical/Solar below for more information on the training.)


Nation-wide initiatives bring digital skills training for people impacted by the justice system:

  • With the help of organizations across the country, we’re equipping formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted people with critical digital skills they can use to get a job or start a business.
  • If you have been incarcerated, or anyone in your immediate family has been incarcerated, then you may be eligible for this free digital career training. Please apply now, spots are limited.

PHASE 1 - (2 WEEKS in class)

Life Skills

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Employability


Critical Thinking

  • Problem solving
  • Construction Math (Fractions/Reading a Tape Measure)

PHASE 2 Industrial - (8 WEEKS HandsOn)

  • NCCER Core (Certified)*
  • OSHA 10 (Certified upon selection)
  • Safety
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Intro to Pipe Fitting (inc tac welding)
  • Intro to Carpentry
  • Intro to Valves
  • Intro to Basic Rigging
  • Intro to Ladder & Scaffolding
  • Motorized Equipment Training

*Students are tested and receive NCCER core credentials and their name is entered into the NCCER database upon successfully completing all modules before continuing to hand on training.

PHASE 2 Electrical or Solar - (8 WEEKS HandsOn)

  • NCCER Core (Certified)*
  • OSHA 10 (Certified upon selection)
  • NABCEP PV (Certified)*
  • Intro to Electrical 
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Intro to Photovoltanics
  • And much, much more...

*Students are tested and receive NCCER core credentials and their name is entered into the NCCER database upon successfully completing all modules before continuing to hand on training.

Our Students in Action

How to Hire

We recruit using job boards and social media channels as well as national and grassroots initiatives to reach our targeted, underserved local communities.


Reach Out

Contact us at 409-982-0522 or 
info@digitalworkforceacademy.org & tell us what you’re looking for



We reach out to discuss your unique needs & time frame to hire



We train candidates to your specifications



We’ll send our fully certified grads to you from your targeted local community to interview



You hire your top picks to fill your positions

See what our partners have to say about working with us


Valero has been impressed with the GTEC and DWA training program in both basic life skills as well as job skills development. They have a proven track record of supplying motivated individuals who are appropriately trained and ready to enter the workforce and have shown that after being hired, they have a better retention rate on the job than other similarly situated employees. 

J. Greg Gentry, Vice President and General Manager, Valero

Since February 2010, DWA has really aided our company in staffing essential helper positions. They have done an excellent job ensuring that we receive the quality employees we need and expect. They have insured each individual has and understands the soft skills required to work in our industry. We look forward to continued success.

Chet Ferachi, HR Manager, Performance Contractors, INC

Our experience with these graduates proves that they are unquestionably better prepared to enter the workforce than similarly situated job applicants who enter our hiring office doors and they in fact have a better retention rate on the job. We look forward to working with you for years to come.

Bob Deatherage, Vice President, Beacon Construction